Dad Chats- Father's Day 2024

Dad Chats- Father's Day 2024

Jun 06, 2024

For this Fathers Day special we got together with Ross and Joe for insightful DAD CHATS. Ross, a father to 3 boys gave some helpful advice to Joe, who is about to become a dad in the next couple of months. Joe asked Ross a few questions to help ease his mind about becoming a dad.

1.What’s one piece of advice you wish you had received when you became a new dad? 

Don't stress the small stuff, you're going to make mistakes and drop the ball, and that's OK! I'm 3 kids deep and still trying to figure things out. 

2. What were the most unexpected challenges you faced as a new dad & how did you overcome them?

The lack of sleep, it's true what they say, you nap when they nap. when my wife and I had our first I was in nights and it was a shock to the system.

3. What routines or habits helped you the most in adjusting to life with a newborn?

Buy a perfect prep machine, it's a game changer for night feeds. 

4. How do you balance work, family and social life when you first become a dad? 

Don't be afraid to accept the help, friends and family members will offer to lend a hand, let them, even if it's just for 2 hours for you to shower and nip to the shop and clear your head. 

5. What's your best dad joke? 

A guy and a giraffe walk into a bar, the giraffe gets blind drunk and the guy thinks I'm leaving him here! The guys gets up to leave and the bar man says, you can't leave that lying there, the guy says it's not a lion.... it's a giraffe. 😂