Lir Irish Coffee Recipe

The Perfect Lir Irish Coffee

Oct 20, 2022

Ah, the Irish Coffee - a classic drink that requires careful attention to make to perfection. This delightful beverage has been around since 1947, when Joe Sheridan created it at Shannon Airport in Ireland. As air travel between Ireland and the United States resumed after World War II, Joe wanted to offer a warm Irish drink to travelers. Initially, he considered tea and whiskey, but after noticing that Americans consumed large amounts of coffee, he decided to experiment with this ingredient.

Now, with Lir Irish Whiskey, you can elevate your Irish whiskey cocktails to new heights. Made in Ireland, Lir Irish Whiskey is the perfect ingredient for creating smooth and delicious drinks. Whether you're a fan of classic Irish Coffee or prefer to experiment with other cocktails, Lir Irish Whiskey is the ideal addition to your bar. So why not bring a taste of Ireland to your next gathering and impress your guests with the finest Irish whiskey cocktails?

Enter: The (Lir) Irish Coffee

How do you make yours? Here’s our recipe:

▶️ 2 parts Lir Green Crest
▶️ 3 parts Americano coffee
▶️ 0.5 part Demerara sugar
▶️ 2 parts cream
▶️ Sprinkling of Nutmeg

- Heat your Irish Coffee glass.
- Pour Lir Green Crest, hot coffee and Demerara sugar into your glass.
- Shake double cream in a shaker until thickened before layering over the drink.
- Garnish with a grating of nutmeg and enjoy!