Long ago in Ireland, there was a king called Lir. He lived in a castle with his wife, Eva, and four beautiful children Fionnula, Aodh, Conn and Fiachra. 

The King’s wife died when the children were very young. King Lir wanted a new mother for his children, so he married Eva’s sister Aoife, who possessed magical powers. Aoife soon became jealous of the attention the King gave to his children. 

From this jealousy, she took the children down to a lake one day. She then cast a spell to turn them into swans.

“Children of Lir, you may tread your native land again”. When they touched the shore the weight of all those centuries fell upon them; they resumed their human bodies."

The children were to live as swans for 300 years on Lake Derravaragh, 300 years on Straits of Moyle and then 300 years on the Isle of Inishglora. To end the spell, they would have to be blessed by a monk.

After 300 years on Lake Derravaragh, they moved to the Straits of Moyle for the next 300 years and then on to Inishglora for the final 300 years.

One day as the children floated in the air around the island of Inishglora, they heard bells sounding from the shore. As they approached land, a monk stretched his hands and said:

The monk blessed them and they died but, even as he did so, a change swiftly came over them; and they lay side by side, once more as children.

This is forever known as the mythical tale of the
Children of Lir.