Lir Irish Whiskey Sets Sail For America

Lir Irish Whiskey Sets Sail For America

Jul 07, 2023

We are proud to announce the successful shipment of our inaugural batch of Lir Green Crest to the United States, delivering 7,000 bottles just in time for the vibrant summer season.

This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone for our Cushendall-based company, which made its grand entrance in March 2022. Our unwavering dedication to quality, authenticity, and innovation has swiftly established Glens of Antrim Distillery as a trusted name in the Irish whiskey landscape.

Since our launch, our exceptional range of premium Irish Whiskey has been embraced by enthusiasts across the Island of Ireland, gracing the shelves of esteemed retail establishments, bars, and restaurants. And now, we are thrilled to extend this experience to American whiskey aficionados.

Michael McKillop, Co-Founders of Glens of Antrim Distillery, expressed his excitement, saying, "During my recent visit to New York and New Jersey, I had the pleasure of meeting numerous new clients and fostering strong relationships with our esteemed customers."

"Irish whiskey has been at the forefront of the alcoholic drinks sector for the past decade, consistently recording the highest growth among all spirits. Projections indicate that Irish whiskey sales will soar to an impressive 300 million bottles per year by 2030. We firmly believe that our brand will strike a chord with American consumers who value the tradition and craftsmanship inherent in every sip of our whiskey."

Our dedicated team at Glens of Antrim Distillery has worked tirelessly to ensure our products meet the rigorous standards set by the US market. From meticulous labelling and packaging requirements to overcoming various export challenges, we have gone above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience to our American patrons.

The introduction of our export line includes the highly acclaimed Lir Green Crest, a meticulously crafted 3-year blended whiskey matured in triple cask. With only the finest ingredients and traditional Irish distilling techniques, this extraordinary whiskey offers a captivating nose of delicate apple, toffee, and cacao notes. On the palate, it unfolds with luscious toffee, vanilla, and chocolate flavors, culminating in a rich, warming finish with a touch of malt, bringing the essence of Ireland to the American market.

Mary McKillop, Co-Founder of Glens of Antrim Distillery, shared her excitement for the future, stating, "Scaling our brand and embracing new opportunities has always been our vision! We are currently in the planning stages for our forthcoming distillery building at our cherished home in Cushendall. This new endeavor will present a captivating tourism experience in the Antrim Glens, featuring distillery tours and a restaurant, while also generating employment opportunities in the local community."

We invite you to embark on this thrilling journey with us, as Glens of Antrim Distillery continues to push boundaries, elevate traditions, and share the unparalleled taste of our Irish whiskey with the world. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!