Meet Mollie O'Brien | Antrim Rose Winner 2023

Meet Mollie O'Brien | Antrim Rose Winner 2023

Jul 14, 2023

Congratulations to Mollie O'Brien for being crowned the winner of this year's Antrim Rose festival! It's wonderful to hear about her achievements and diverse interests. With a background in Irish Dancing and Gaelic football, she must have honed her skills and demonstrated great dedication and talent in these traditional Irish activities.

Being chosen as the Antrim Rose winner is a significant accomplishment, and it's fantastic to see Mollie progressing to the international festival in Tralee in August. The Rose of Tralee festival is a renowned event that celebrates Irish heritage and culture. Mollie will have the opportunity to represent Antrim and showcase her talents, achievements, and the vibrant spirit of her community on the national stage.

As supporters, you have the privilege of accompanying Mollie on her journey to Tralee. It's an exciting time, and I'm sure she will shine brightly during the festival. Mollie's diverse background, passion for Irish traditions, and her ambition to become a dentist will undoubtedly make her a wonderful ambassador for Antrim. Best wishes to Mollie as she prepares for the Rose of Tralee festival, and may she have an unforgettable experience representing her county and community!