Lir Summer Cups - Wimbledon Inspired 🎾

Lir Summer Cups - Wimbledon Inspired 🎾

Jul 07, 2023

Welcome to the Lir Summer Cup, a delightful summer cocktail that combines the rich flavours of Lir Green Crest Whiskey with the classic essence of Pimms. This refreshing drink is perfect for celebrating Wimbledon or simply enjoying a sunny day with friends. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of creating this unique cocktail. This is perfect for those who are looking to explore the world of whiskey in a delicious and accessible way.


To create the Lir Summer Cup, you will need the following ingredients:

- 30ml Lir Green Crest Whiskey: This whiskey offers a smooth and slightly fruity flavour profile, making it an excellent choice for those new to whiskey.

- 30ml Pimms: Pimms is a popular British gin-based liqueur that brings a refreshing herbal and citrus note to the cocktail.

- Ginger Ale: (top up your glass): Ginger ale adds a subtle spiciness and effervescence, perfectly complementing the flavours of the whiskey and Pimms.

Assorted Fruit: To enhance the visual appeal and flavour complexity of the Lir Summer Cup, feel free to add a generous selection of your favourite fruits. Suggestions include sliced strawberries, orange wedges, lemon wheels, and cucumber slices.


    - Prepare the Glass: Start by selecting an appropriate glass for your Lir Summer Cup. A highball glass or a large tumbler would work well for this cocktail. Fill the glass with ice to chill it and help keep your drink refreshing.

    - Add Lir Green Crest Whiskey: Measure 30ml of Lir Green Crest Whiskey using a jigger or measuring cup, and pour it into your chilled glass over the ice. The smooth and fruity characteristics of this whiskey will provide a pleasant introduction to the world of whiskey for those new to the spirit.

    - Incorporate Pimms: Next, pour 30ml of Pimms into the glass with the whiskey. Pimms brings a delightful blend of herbal, fruity, and citrus notes, adding complexity and a touch of British heritage to the cocktail.

    - Top it Off with Ginger Ale: To add a sparkling and refreshing element to your Lir Summer Cup, pour ginger ale over the whiskey and Pimms mixture. The ginger ale's gentle spiciness pairs wonderfully with the other flavours, creating a harmonious balance.

    - Garnish with Fruit: Now, it's time to enhance the presentation and flavour of your cocktail. Add an assortment of sliced strawberries, orange wedges, lemon wheels, and cucumber slices to the glass. These vibrant and fresh fruits will elevate the visual appeal of the Lir Summer Cup while also imparting subtle hints of their flavours to the drink.

    - Stir and Enjoy: Gently stir the cocktail with a long spoon, ensuring that all the ingredients are well combined. The stirring will also help infuse the flavours of the fruits throughout the drink. Sip and savour your Lir Summer Cup, allowing the medley of flavours to transport you to a sunny summer day.

    The Lir Summer Cup is a delightful and approachable whiskey cocktail that pays homage to the classic Pimms while introducing newcomers to the world of whiskey. With the smoothness of Lir Green Crest Whiskey, the refreshing herbal notes of Pimms, and the effervescence of ginger ale, this cocktail is perfect for celebrating Wimbledon or any summer gathering. So gather your friends, prepare this invigorating drink, and raise a toast to good company and great moments.